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Body language signs of interest from a woman

What are the signs that a woman will make that signals she likes you more than a friend? Are these things always right or do they vary from woman to woman and situation to situation instead?

The arching of the back is a suggestive position no matter what, but many believe it's actually a subconscious invitation for greater intimacy. And should be returned by getting closer and matching her with masculine movements by leaning in.

A woman who touches her conversational target is definitely sending signs of sexual interest.

After all, touching is probably the most direct, and least subtle sign that contact is okay, and encouraged. And yet, many men mistake the wrong sort of touching with the wrong type of sign.

Inviting touching as many body language experts will admit, is touching the arms, the thighs, and your hair during otherwise casual conversation. Some also believe that any overly animated hand gestures are suggestive of interest, especially if you are the only 2 in the conversation.

Women who get flushed skin, or a reddening of the face, often are excited, or sexually aroused!

Dilating of the pupils is another sign she's excited. Light perspiration, and licking her lips nervously is another sexual signal. As a matter of fact, most of the signs that sex educators point out as pre-orgasmic signals during sex, are also evident in a woman's daily body language when she is excited.

The above are to be used as a rough guide to gauge interest, and are not meant to be more important than what she tells you she wants. With your own undertaning of body language and the tao of badass, you can be sure not to let these go by. For more, visit: