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Signs She Likes You

Do you know when a woman likes you? Knowing when a woman like you is very important. Why? Because it will help you a lot in advancing with her or not wasting time when she doesn't show these signs to you. There are some signs women will use when they like a guy, some will say that a woman will grab her hair, others will say that she will scratch her nose...

Most of these signs are ways to making you look for things that you will never be able to see or notice. These signs are fantastic at noticing when a girl likes you.

She touches you

Did you know that touching is the best tool you have to create rapport with a woman? This is the same for her, too. When she likes you, she will start touching you in order to build more rapport with you. If a woman likes you, she will hold your hand a little, touch your hand, touch you on the arm, touch you on the shoulder and she will hit you in the arm or shoulder.

Believe it or not, this is the best indicator that you've done a fantastic job flirting with her and that she really like you. You should start hitting a woman gently too when she hit you the first time, it's a sign that you are attracted to.

She doesn't give you an easy time. She will be testing you, and a lot. A lot of guys are afraid of tests, when in fact they should be happy that a girl is testing them.

She is still with you! We aren't in the eighteen century any more, when a girl doesn't like you, she will leave you, simple.

The greatest sign is when a girl is interacting and having fun with you. If you want to know more signs, check out the tao of badass book. It will give you the right details and steps to make her feel attracted to you. Be sure to all visit